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Kart 2 Kart offers a go-karting experience which is better shared with friends and family. We offer many choices for small to large groups and parties. From racing around the track to refreshment and food choices, Kart 2 Kart is the place to share a great experience.

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Adult Group Racing Packages

Our group racing formats are designed for groups of 8 or more drivers. Pro Kart Drivers must have a valid drivers license. If you have a group of 8 or more, make a reservation to get the VIP service and minimize your wait time.

Over 45 Drivers

Have more than 45 drivers? Click Here to check out the facility rental.

Grand Prix

$58 / person (3 sessions each)

Experience the thrill of victory

Grand Prix 3 Sessions $58/per person Practice Session, Qualifying Session, Position Race

The Grand Prix is a competitive race event that results in the sweet taste of victory for the top 3 finishers that will stand proud on the winners podium after the Feature Race. The Grand Prix consists of three driving sessions per person in the format of a Practice Session, Qualifying Session, then a standing start Position Race. Each session is 8 minutes long and drivers get about 14-16 laps each session.

Up to 12 drivers can compete at once so larger groups are broken up into heats of 12 racers each. Racers are grouped randomly for the Practice and Qualifying Sessions, Position Race groups and starting order are determined by each driver's single fastest qualifying time. The fastest 12 drivers are grouped together and compete in the Feature Race that will determine the overall winners of the event. The remaining drivers are grouped with drivers of similar skill level according to their Qualifying Times for their Position Races. This karting event will take approximately 60 minutes for every 18-20 racers.

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Grand Prix 3 Sessions

$58 / person

Practice Session, Qualifying Session, Position Race

Mini Grand Prix

$39 / person (2 sessions each)

Mini Grand Prix 2 Sessions

$39/ person

Based on 20 drivers

Practice Session, Qualifying Session, Top 12 Race in Position Race

Experience the thrill of victory

$39 per person - 2 Session Each

plus $200 for Feature Position Race

20-100 Drivers


The Mini Grand Prix is 2 driving sessions per person that includes a Practice Session and a Qualifying Session. After Qualifying, only the top 12 drivers ranked by single fastest lap will compete in a third driving session: the feature Position Race that will determine the winners of this event. 

Contact our Racing Specialists to help determine the amount of time it will take your group to complete this event.

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Junior Parties

$45 / child (with 8 kids minimum)

Instantly Elevated To "The Cool Parents"!

Junior Party Special

$45 per child with 8 kids minimum each receives: 3 driving sessions on the junior karts, Pizza, Breadsticks, & Fountain drinks.

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